Will Either Pawan Or Lokesh Undertake A Padayatra Like Ys Jagan

Sat Nov 06 2021 21:41:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Jagan's historic padayatra has completed four years on Saturday. The historic yatra, which began on November 6, 2017 from the Idupulapaya, has gone on for 341 day and covered 3648 km. This historic and game-changing yatra has given a new dimension to the politics of Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan's yatra is a true game changer in the sense that the yatra was a continuous affair.There was no break whatsoever. He also did not chose guesthouses or AC rooms to stay. He has walked all the way. It was not the usual stuff like walking in villages and then getting into vehicles. Jagan's yatra is altogether different as he walked his way regardless of the condition of the roads. Thus this is unique in many ways.

One cannot say for sure that Jagan came to power because of the yatra. But, Yatra has helped him to understand the people and the state. It was his interface with the people. The people told him of their problems and h understood the real issues of the rural Andhra. Thus the padayatra gave a new dimension to Jagan's thought process.

The big question is whether either Pawan Kalyan or Lokesh will undertake such arduous yatra? Will  Pawan Kalyan be able to spare 341 days for the people at a stretch? According to most people, he neither has the drive or the time to do that. Chandrababu today is too old to undertake such yatras. What about Lokesh? There is a talk of cycle yatra, but not padayatra. The issue is only Jagan can break Jagan's record in padayatra.