Will Election Commission Stop Dalit Bandhu Scheme?

Thu Jul 29 2021 13:48:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dalit Bandhu scheme is now the toast of the season. It has become a hot topic of discussion. If introduced in normal times, it would have become a scheme to be emulated across the country. But, it is being introduced with an eye on the Huzurabad bypolls. Not just that! The government itself has openly admitted that it was being introduced in Huzurabad only because of the byelections

Now, an NGO – Forum for Good Governance – has approached the Election Commission with a request to stall the implementation of the scheme. It has appealed to the election commission to ensure that the scheme is either introduced in all the 119 assembly constituencies in one go or defer its implementation till the bypoll is over. The FGG secretary Padmanabha Reddy pointed out Chief Minister KCR himself has admitted that this was being brought with an eye on Huzurabad byelections.

Reddy requested the election commission to intervene even though an election notification has not yet been issued. He said that the very fact that the CM himself has admitted that this was an election sop is reason enough to initiate an action. He said this was a travesty of democracy and fair play . This is nothing but purchasing of votes, he said.

The Forum further said that this was a fit case for the election commission to intervene. It remains to be see what action the election commission takes. Usually, the election commission comes into picture only after the election notification is issued. But in this case, the government and the ruling party are openly admitting that the scheme is meant for luring and influencing the voters. Will the election commission intervene or will it go by the rule book?