Will Etela Become Another Suvendu Adhikari For Bjp ?

Sun Jun 06 2021 19:16:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Shuvendu Adhikari … the names brings up the image of a rebel who challenged the might of Mamta Banerjee. Though Mamta proved too tough for Modi, Mamta had to meet a humble pie in Nandigram. He not just defeated her, but brought several key leaders from the TMC into the BJP and left the TRS considerably weakened.

Is the BjP trying to turn Etela Rajender into another Shuvendu Adhikari? Those who know the BJP say that  the BJP wants Etela to emerge as another Shuvendu. It wants him to leverage on his long time connections in the TRS and bring key leaders into the BJP. It wants him to weaken KCR from within. This is what Shuvendu did in West Bengal. No one realizes this better than KCR himself. So, he is keeping a tab of who Etela is meeting and talking to. The party network has been pressed into service to identify those TRS leaders who are in touch with Etela Rajender. Etela has wide connections all across Telangana and especially in Nizamabad, Warangal, Karimnagar and Adilabad. So, special attention is being given to these districts.

The BJP expects that the TRS leaders, especially those who have not been given key posts and have remained in the sidelines for far too long, will slowly begin to join the BJP. It will begin as a trickle and will soon become a deluge, the BjP hopes.