Will Etela's friends like his joining BJP

Mon May 31 2021 08:34:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will Etela Rajender's decision to join the BJP go down well with his old friends? This is the hotly debated topic in political circles in Telangana. Etela Rajender is known to be a Leftist activist. All his youth, he was associated with the ultra Left groups and had even worked underground for some time.

His friends and associates are all from the Leftist background. Despite being in the TRS, he had actively engaged the Left elements. Leaders like Cheruku Sudhakar, Prof. Kodandaram and others with known Left background have tried to dissuade him from joining the BJP. They reportedly told him to forge a coalition of Left-leaning leaders to take on the might of the KCR. They also said that joining the BJP may not be the right thing to do. But, Etela Rajender has clearly realized that the support of the ultra Left may not actually translate into ground support and votes. So, he has decided to join hands with the BJP.

Rajender, according sources, is hoping that the ultra Left will extend a tacit support to him in the Huzurabad elections. He is of the opinion that the BJP's ground level support and national level backing from the party will help him in the long run.