Will Etela's wife Jamuna Reddy contest from Huzurabad?

Mon May 31 2021 08:32:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Now that Etela Rajender has decided to join the BJP and wrap around his shoulders the saffron stole, a debate is arising as to what is going to be his strategy and how is he going to take on KCR. Sources close to Etela say that he has a perfect plan ready for his future politics.

Soon after joining the BJP early June, Etela will resign from the MLA post. Soon, he could possibly be made a Rajya Sabha member from some state's quota. He will thus be projected as a key leader of the party. Due to his resignation from the MLA post, there would be byelections. If the Covid situation remains the same, the election commission might postpone the elections. That will give Etela enough time to tour the constituency, build up an anti-KCR mood and fight the elections. This would also give him time to mobilize anti-KCR leaders across Telangana.

But, indications are that Etela may not contest in the Huzurabad bypolls. He will pit his wife Jamuna Reddy and campaign for her. It is as part of projecting her to the public that she was made to address a press conference on Sunday. Sources say that she would be seen active in public activities in the days to come so that she becomes a familiar face by the time elections are announced.