Will Harish Rao Get More Importance Now?

Fri May 24 2019 09:44:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Who is the happiest person in TRS today? Without doubt, he is Harish Rao. A couple of months after he was snubbed by being denied ministerial posts and being divested of the responsibility of CM's constituency Gajwel, Harish mush be having the smug satisfaction now. The arrogant father-son duo had literally sidelined Harish and were monitoring even those who met Harish, faced a humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha polls, though they got nine MP seats, they have lost seven seats to both the BJP and the Congress. That people voted for a rudderless Congress and a leaderless BJP to snub TRS in party's stronghold of North Telangana shows the dissatisfaction of the Telangana voter.

In Medak Lok Sabha seat however, the party scored an impressive victory notching up a majority of over 2.5 lakh and the credit goes to Harish Rao. The party had maintained its unassailable lead in Siddipet assembly constituency and other segments. Now, KCR is likely to give more importance to Harish Rao and might even give him a key party responsibility.