Will It Be A Friendly Fight In Telangana?

Sun Jun 09 2019 09:52:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's going to be a friendly fight in Telangana from now on. Yes. With the Congress losing the status of the main Opposition party in Telangana assembly due to the 'merger' of the party into the TRS, the MIM with 7 seats and one MLC could bet the Opposition status. MIM is the best of friends with the ruling TRS. Thus, the ruling and the opposition parties would be on the same page on most of the issues. They will work in tandem in the Assembly. Many political watchers are calling this a 'friendly match' or a 'shadow boxing.'

The Telangana assembly will now have six Congress MLAs and one BJP MLA. The MIM with 7 seats is the second largest party. Though a party should win at least 10 per cent of seats to qualify for the status of Opposition, there are instances where parties with lesser number of seats too were given the status. For instance, the BJP has just three MLAs in the 70-member Delhi assembly, but the government chose to accord opposition status to the BJP. Will the same thing happen here in Telangana?