Will It Be Feb 18 Or Feb 27?

Fri Jan 22 2021 09:20:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

February 18 or February 27, which of these two dates will KTR be anointed Chief Minister? This is the hottest topic in the TRS circles. With one minister after another and one leader after another proclaiming KTR as the future CM and wishing him well. It's only a formality that he would become the next CM of Telangana. But, on which date?

Furious debate is going on among the TRS leaders as to which is the most suitable date. There is one common factor in both the dates. The sum total of the numbers in the date is 9. One plus eight is nine and two plus seven is nine again. Nine is believed to be the lucky number for KTR. For his father KCR, the lucky number was six and he used to launch any key programme on a date or time that matches with his lucky number. Sources said KCR will soon meet Jeeyar Swamy and finalise the date.

Some sources say February 18 is the Rathasaptami day, which according to Hindu scriptures, is Sun God's birthday. So, this date would be very auspicious, argue some people. In case this date is not suitable for some reason, then the TRS bosses can fall back upon February 27, which too is auspicious, say pundits. Let's wait and see what will KCR decide.