Will It Be TRS or BRS For Munugode By-polls?

Thu Oct 06 2022 19:49:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It is known that, the name of TRS was recently changed to BRS to make way for Telengana Chief Minister KCR to foray into national politics and contest elections in other states. Having Bharat in the name would make people think it is a national party.

As the Munugode by election is fast approaching and it is one month left for the polls there are many doubts on under which name the ruling party in Telengana would run the polls. Will it be TRS or BRS for Munugode polls is the question many have.

Now there is no any confusion here. The ruling party said that the party will go to Munugode polls as TRS. Addressing the media,Telangana State Planning Board vice-chairman B Vinod Kumar said that it will be TRS for the polls.

It is said that the Election Commission of India reportedly sought some time to consider the request to change the name of the party as there are a few guidelines that have to be followed under the standard procedure.

It might take some time for the Election Commission to look into the request.Once the new name is accepted then the same would be informed to the party.

On the flipside, people are yet to come to terms with the BRS name as per the change made to the original name. For over two decades, people have been calling the party as TRS. If TRS goes to polls as BRS then the chances of winning the polls might get reduced.

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