Will Joe Biden's Promise On Citizenship Be A Boon Or Bane For Him?

Fri Oct 16 2020 14:51:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

The United States Presidential election, 2020, is fast approaching. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are not leaving any stone unturned to attract the voters.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who has been batting for reforming the H-1B visa system took a step ahead and promised to provide US citizenship for the illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden said if he wins the United States Presidential elections, he will provide citizenship for as many as 11 million illegal immigrants.

Experts cited the promise of Joe Biden as a game-changer. It could have a negative and positive impact on the upcoming Presidential elections.

There is a chance of the Local Americans who are against the immigrants getting opportunities getting attracted to Donald Trump, who imposed H-1B visa restrictions to safeguard the employment of the local Americans.

On the other hand, Joe Biden's promise might make wonders for him if Americans who think the nation is a land of opportunity and skilled persons irrespective of their citizenship can work here vote for Joe Biden.

We will get to know whether Joe Biden's election promise will be a boon or bane to him in the upcoming elections, which were scheduled to be held on 3 November 2020.