Will Jogi Ramesh Get Rewarded For His Attack On Ayyanna?

Thu Sep 23 2021 13:13:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has Pedana MLA Jogi Ramesh succeeded in achieving his aim by staging a dharna in front of Chandrababu Naidu's residence? He managed to grab the media eyeballs. But did he succeed in catching the attention of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy? Jury is out on the issue.

On September 17, Jogi Ramesh led a small group of YSRCP workers to stage a protest in front of Chandrababu's residence in Undavalli. The reason was the particularly repugnant comments on Jagan and the YSRCP by senior TDP hand and former minister Ayyanna Patrudu. A prepared TDP had its men ready and a fisticuff ensued between both Jogi Ramesh's men and the TDP men. They pelted stones at each other. The event hogged the headlines for the whole day.

However, there were several questions. Why only Jogi Ramesh was protesting? Why were there no protests elsewhere in the state? Krishna district and Guntur district put together have nearly six ministers. Why did they not join the protest? Did they think it was not a fit case for protest? If that is the case, did Jogi Ramesh have the permission from the party higher ups?

Sources say that even the top bosses of the party were none too happy at the protest. They felt that this was not useful to the party in any which way. They felt that the crowd was too small and that there was not proper preparation  There is a general feeling that this could be Jogi Ramesh's scheme to catch the attention of the top boss and gain an entry into the council of ministers. But, as of now, it appears that the MLA has botched up the whole thing.