Will KCR's Plan To weaken Harish Backfire?

Mon Mar 18 2019 22:01:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is KCR making the same mistake that Chandrababu Naidu made while dealing with KCR? Chandrababu ignored KCR and the result is there for all to see. The state was bifurcated and the TDP has become irrelevant in Telangana. It might even get a return gift from KCR in AP elections. But KCR is doing the same thing to his nephew Harish Rao.

During the runup to the assembly elections in Telangana, there was an undeclared ban on Harish Rao's photos and news on TRS media. But, at the end when things became hot, KCR asked Harish Rao to bail out the TRS. Accordingly, Harish campaigned in several places and ensured the party victory. But, soon after elections, the TRS boss began marginalizing Harish. He has not been made a minister.

As part of the efforts aimed at projecting son KTR, Harish Rao has been completely sidelines. Even during the Sunday's Karimnagar meet, Harish Rao was missing in the banners and cutouts. The TRS gave full page ads to mark the occasion. There were photos of 28 leaders, but Harish was not one of them.  Some of these 28 leaders and completely unknown. But Why did they ignore Harish?  Will this slighting of Harish lead to sowing of seeds of dissidence among the TRS? Well, KCR feels he will have his way.