Will KCR be in Delhi till November 26?

Wed Nov 24 2021 17:34:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Officially, KCR's Delhi tour is just for 36 hours. He has already overshot the timelines and is still camping in Delhi. Though he has announced that he would bring the Central government on its knees, nothing of that sort has happened. He hasn't got the appointments of either the PM or of Amit Shah.

The irony is that for the past two to three days, KCR has been wasting his time, unable to meet anyone. Food minister Piyush Goel has no time for KCR as he is busy with the US delegation of businessmen. Minister for water resources, Gajendra Shekhawat is out of the town. He is in Jodhpur with his family. Clearly, KCR came to Delhi without actually taking any appointment.

A leader of the stature of KCR sure knows how important it is to take the appointments. Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar has met KCR, but nothing could be achieved on the paddy procurement issue. The Centre has stuck to its decision not to buy even a single grain of parboiled rice.

Sources say that indirectly, KCR is using his failed Delhi yatra to send a message to the rice millers that there would be no procurement of parboiled rice. This will be a big blow not for the farmers but to the rice millers, who are big donors for the ruling TRS.  The State Government will have another meeting with Narendra Singh Tomar on November 26. Will KCR be in Delhi till that time?