Will Kadiyam Srihari get renominated as MLC?

Fri May 14 2021 13:18:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is former deputy CM of Telangana and a senior leader from the Dalit community Kadiyam Srihari staring at political oblivion? Will he get a renomination as the MLC or will it be the end for him? This is the hotly debated topic in Warangal district these days. Though the Election Commission has deferred the MLC elections, his worries have not ended.

Kadiyam was one of the key leaders of Telugu Desam for years. Later, he switched over to the TRS. He was made an MLC and was given the deputy CM post. Later, he was removed from the post after the TRS won a second time in 2018. Since then, he is a mere MLC. His attempts to get his daughter Kavya elected as an MLA too failed. Since then, Kadiyam Srihari is keeping a low profile. But, sources close to him say that he is worried about getting re-nominated to the legislative council.

Sources say that there are a total of six seats and only one from Warangal. KCR has to choose between Kadiyam and chief whip Bodakunti Venkateshwaralu. If Bodakunti is selected, then it is highly likely that Kadiyam would not be nominated again. Meanwhile, there is no guarantee whatsoever from KCR on his nomination. Sources say that Kadiyam is weighing all options and is exploring all possibilities of getting re-nominated.