Will Lockdown Be Extended Beyond April 15?

Sun Apr 05 2020 11:46:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will the Modi Government extend the lockdown beyond April 15? This question is now being hotly debate across the country as to whether the lockdown would be lifeted immediately after April 15. But, what with the recent spike in the cases due to the Markaz incident, the lockdown could even be delayed.

The Government, it is being reported, is recalibrating its strategies vis a vis Covid 19. Since many new Corona cases are being reported and with most of them coming from those returning from the Markaz meet, the Centre feels that the lockdown might be extended for some more time.  An immediate lifting of Lockdown could lead to a further spurt in the Corona cases.  If that happens then May and June could prove to be very tough. So, to offset this, the government is said to be planning to extend the lockdown by another two weeks. This will give time to identify and isolate the positive people.

Is it because of this that the Government is planning an  all party meeting on April 10? In fact, this is the first all-party meeting that the BJP government has ordered in its six years in power.