Will Markaz Building Be Demolished?

Sun Apr 05 2020 19:40:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the Government in Delhi getting ready to demolish the Markaz Centre, the headquarters of the controversial Tablighi Jamaat? Yes, say the authorities. Several high level officials conducted a raid on the Tablighi Jamaat headquarters, which is also known as Markaz or Banglewali Masjid, on Sunday and found that at least six floors of the building have been constructed illegally.

The officials are now planning to demolish the six floors leaving the ground and the first floor, for which legal permission has been obtained. Also, the government has decided to act as there have been several complaints from the locals that the Tabligh has encroached on public land. They said there used to be madrassa at the same place. The Tabligh has demolished the madrassa and constructed the new building on the same site. The Tabligh has also not paid any taxes, water bill or even electricity bill, reports say.

The demolition of the Tabligh will send a strong signal to the fundamentalist forces who are out to destabilise the country. The MCD, it is said , is moving to demolish the building very soon.