Will Modi hand over PM post to Rahul Gandhi on a platter?

Wed Jul 07 2021 17:13:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politics is highly unpredictable. What looks probable may never materialize a week later. Similarly, what appears quite impossible might become a reality in no time. This unpredictability makes politics all the more fascinating. But, one cannot say how things develop and how incidents take shape.

As of now, Modi may look impregnable and Rahul Gandhi seems light years away from power. It appears quite unlikely that Rahul Gandhi will be able to beat Modi. Yet, political pundits feel that by 2024, Narendra Modi and the BJP are likely to hand over Prime Minister's post on a platter to Rahul Gandhi.

People say this would be mainly due to the falling popularity graph of the BJP and Modi. Several decisions of Modi have become unpopular. His handling of the Covid second wave has created a negative impact against Modi. Also, the rising gas and petrol prices are creating a negative impact about Modi. Rising joblessness too is adding to Modi's woes.

However, Modi, who knows how to tame the media and make it dance to his tunes as the CM of Gujarat for 12 years, is controlling the media at the national level too. He has forced the media to cover his speeches and give adequate focus on his programmes and governance. As a result, the media is unable to show his government's negative side.

But, political pundits feel that the opposition to Modi government is snowballing and soon it would assume alarming proportions. If the anti-incumbency picks up, then Rahul Gandhi would be the only alternative available to the people. Hence, Modi appears to be all set to hand over the PM's post to Rahul Gandhi on a platter.