Will Motkupally formally join TRS soon?

Thu Oct 07 2021 08:32:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

With Huzurabad poll campaign picking up pace and political heat raising, TRS boss KCR is planning big moves to woo the Dalit votes. He is all set to bring Dalit face and former Minister Motkupalli Narsimhulu into the TRS. A big bang announcement is expected in a couple of days, according to sources.

On Tuesday, KCR himself escorted Motkupalli to the assembly hall, where there was a debate on the Dalit Bandhu scheme. Motkupalli sat through the whole debate. Later, both went to the Pragathi Bhavan. Interestingly, KCR had lunch in the assembly committee hall for the first ever time after becoming the CM. Motkupalli too supped with him.

Motkupalli, who was in the BJP, broke the party discipline and attended the meeting organized by the CM on Dalit Bandhu. Later he resigned from the BJP and has openly supported the Dalit Bandhu scheme. Since then, he has remained an unattached politician. There have been rumours that he would join the TRS and that KCR would make him the chairperson of the Dalit Bandhu corporation. The rumours got credence when both KCR and Motkupalli were seen together.

Sources say that he could formally join the TRS within a couple of days and he is expected to announce his support to the Dalit Bandhu scheme. Motkupally, who was considered close to Chandrababu and was a minister during the TDP regime, joined the BJP last year. But, he soon fell out and is now extending an olive branch to the TRS.