Will Mounika enter politics?

Fri Jan 15 2021 11:09:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will Bhuma Mounika enter active politics and take reins of the TDP in Allagadda? This question is being asked frequently in Kurnool district. With former minister Bhuma Akhilapriya in judicial remand over kidnap and land grab case, the famed Bhuma family and all their diehard supporters are finding themselves at political crossroads.

The problem for the family is that heir Bhuma Jagadvikhyat Reddy is too young and needs some time to enter active politics. Akhilapriya, who is now in jail, will need time to extricate herself out of these judicial and legal tangles. Meanwhile, there has to be someone to take care of the family politics. Mounika's recent statements indicate that she has decided to don the political mantle.

She also held a meeting of the Bhuma supporters at Nandyal the other day to assure that she would take care of them. She told them that this was a passing phase and that Akhilapriya would come out unscathed. She said there was a political conspiracy against the Bhuma family.

There is a buzz in the region that Mounika will enter active politics and take control of the Bhuma family. Interestingly, Mounika campaigned in the 2019 elections for her sister and the response from the people was quite good. Sources say she could make a good leader if she gets an opportunity.

So, expect a change of guard in Bhuma family. You might listen more about this young leader in the days to come.