Will Pawan Grow Into A People's Leader?

Mon Aug 05 2019 19:21:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Though politicians say one thing, they might as well do the exact opposite. If they say they are not retiring from politics, they might in fact contest the next election. If someone denies some report, it might come out to be true soon. The same is now happening to the Jana Sena. Many people believed that Jana Sena would wind up shop soon after the election debacle. They thought Pawan Kalyan would go back to the films. Many fans of Pawan Kalyan too wanted him to come back to the films. There is still craze for him in the film industry.  Even Nagababu said the Pawan will only do guest roles if all needed.

But, Pawan Kalyan has categorically said that he would not leave politics. He said he would continue in politics and would strengthen the party in Andhra Pradesh. He said he would not merge his party into any other party. I would in politics for another 25 years, he said. But, running a political party is not easy. Especially at a time when the YSRCP is going great guns.

But, the opinion among the people is that Pawan is not properly utilising his filmi image for his political career.  Also, he should grow into a popular political leader with powerful people's base. Then alone he can get the support of the voters.