Will Pawan learn from YS Sharmila?

Sun Apr 18 2021 13:06:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

A politician should be like a fish in water. He survives only as long as he is in water. The moment a fish comes out of water, the people forget him and even reject him. Actor Pawan Kalyan perhaps doesn't know this dictum. He wants to drive two cars at the same time and he thinks he can manage both. The fact is, he is failing in both.

He is into politics for over seven years. Yet, he doesn't seem to have a strategy and content. Compare him to YS Sharmila. Her party is yet to be born. She doesn't have much support. One big name worth the salt is with her. But, she is active in politics. She is staging dharnas and protesting government actions. Thanks to her protest on the joblessness issue, she is now a topic of discussion among the unemployed. She is taking up one programme after another and is fighting for the people. As a result, she will soon become the talk of the town and will begin to set the political agenda in the state.

But, look at Pawan. Even the people from his own community are unhappy with his part time politics. He is seen shooting one day and is addressing party workers the next day. He only believes that road shows aloe will help him, they say.