Will Sharmila's yatra be able to create a political splash?

Tue Sep 21 2021 08:37:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's Padayatra time in Telangana politics and joining the race is YS Sharmila. Her Padayatra will start from Chevella, the place where her father began his historical padayatra in 2003. But the date has changed. Instead of October 18, it would be October 20.

Sharmila is planning to cover 12 to 15 km per day and would cover nearly 90 assembly constituencies. Interestingly, she will not cover the GHMC during the yatra.  Even while she is on the yatra, she would continue the Deeksha on every Tuesday for the unemployed.  On Monday, Sharmila released the posters for the yatra at the Lotus Pond office.

The only thing missing in the whole affair is enthusiasm. The party cadre itself appeared unconvinced about the success of the yatra. Not many senior leaders were present on the occasion. However, Sharmila appeared quite determined to go ahead with the yatra. Interestingly, Sharmila undertook a yatra for her brother in 2012 while he was in Chanchalguda jail. The yatra covered nearly 3000 km and traversed through the undivided AP. But, this time around it will cover only Telangana.

Sharmila's deekshas for the unemployed are failing to evoke positive response. The attendance is sparse and the media too is largely ignoring her programmes. After the initial euphoria died, the yatra is  now turning out to be an insipid affair. It remains to be seen if the yatra manages to create a political splash.