Will TDP Join Hands With BJP, Jana Sena For 2024 Elections?

Mon Sep 02 2019 20:03:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will TDP join hands with the BJP and the Jana Sena to fight the elections in 2024? There is a strong buzz that Chandrababu is moving heaven and earth to please the BJP. He is sending indirect emissaries to  the BJP leadership seeking their friendship. The YSRCP has all along been alleging that the TDP was trying to win the confidence of the BJP and that it is trying to form an alliance again.

Lending credence to this argument, former minister and TDP leader Ch Ayyanna Patrudu said that the TDP, BJP and Jana Sena will fight the 2024 elections together. He said this will ensure the TDP victory in the next elections. In fact, even during the 2019 elections, the Jana Sena did not put up any candidate in Mangalagiri, from where Nara Lokesh contested the election. Now, Ayyanna Patrudu's statement lets the cat out of the bag.

Even after the TDP lost power, there are allegations that the party is using Jana Sena to further its aim. Even during Pawan's recent tour of the Amaravati, the TDP workers played a very active role. This showed that both TDP and Jana sena are already hand in glove. Now efforts are on to bring the BJP into the team. Ayyanna Patrudu's latest statement is only lending credence to this argument.