Will TG DGP Anjani Kumar Face Same Fate As Somesh Kumar?

Fri Jan 20 2023 17:43:15 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Former Telangana Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar was allotted to Andhra Pradesh. Now the conditions show that few other IAS and IPS officers might follow the same path. Following the orders given by the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) officers allotted to AP are working in Telangana and those of Telangana are working in Andhra Pradesh.

The list includes around 15 officers including former CS Somesh Kumar. Challenging the CAT orders given in favour of the officers, the Department of Personnel and Training moved the Telangana High Court in 2017. The Court accepted the case involving Somesh Kumar as a lead case and gave the verdict that he should go to AP.

The High Court listed the cases involving other officers on Friday. If the court gives the same verdict it gave in Somesh Kumar's case, then they have to go to the states that were allotted to them earlier.

Looking at the higher officers list in Telangana, there are names like GDP Anjani Kumar, IAS Ronald Ross, Anantharamulu, Amrapali Kata, and others.

An interesting debate is going on about DGP Anjani Kumar. We have to wait and see if he will continue in Telangana or go to Andhra Pradesh. As per the recommendations of the Pratyush Sinha Committee in the view of state bifurcation, Anjani Kumar was allotted to Andhra Pradesh.

However, Anjani Kumar moved the CAT and got orders to serve in Telangana. He was promoted as the DGP last month unexpectedly when previous GDP Mahender Reddy retired.

In less than one month of assuming the DGP office, several questions are raised about his position. The Court will take a call on this. Former Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar was sent to AP on the tenth of this month. We have to see if Anjani Kumar would also be sent to AP or not.