Will TRS Win 100 Seats This Time?

Fri Nov 09 2018 10:02:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Are TRS claims of winning 100 out of 119 seats for real? Is it really confident of winning 100 seats? The TRS claims that it can win 100 seats because there is no credible opposition. But even at the height of the Telangana wave, all it could win was just 63 seats. Without a visible Telangana wave, how will it win 100 seats?

If it has to win 100 seats, it has to win all the seats it had won the last time. Also, it has to win the maximum number of seats in Hyderabad, which has 15 seats and Rangareddy, which has 14 seats. Last time, it has won just one seat in Hyderabad and four in Rangareddy. In Nizamabad it had won nine out of nine and 12 out of 13 in Karimnagar. In Medak, it won eight out of 10 and eight out of 12 in Warangal. In Adilabad, it won seven out of 10 and six our of 12  in Nalgonda, seven out of 14 in Mahabubnagar and one out of 10 in Khammam.  To get 100 sets, it has to win all the seats it had won and every seat that it lost in 2014.

In 2014, things were different and every social group backed the TRS. This time around there is heavy anti-incumbancy and many candidates are facing stiff opposition from the voters in their respective constituencies. So, can the TRS not just repeat, but also enhance its magic?

The TRS on the other hand, claims that it did not have cadre and leaders in 2014 and that it had developed the organizational structure significantly. It also claims that the welfare programmes put in place by the KCR government will help them. They feel the schenes have reached to ever section of the society. They feel the beneficiaries will vote for the TRS en masse.

Will the TRS be able to do that? Will the voters go for the TRS again? Let's wait till Dec 7 to know the outcome!!