Will Telangana Congress Leaders Form New Regional Party?

Sun Jun 16 2019 10:05:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Are some key and powerful Telangana Congress leaders thinking of floating a new regional party to fight the TRS? Will they form the party, align with the BJP and defeat the TRS in the 2024 polls? It appears so. Some locally strong and popular Congress leaders are actively thinking of taking a leaf out of Mamta Banerjee and Sharad Pawar and form a local party. The name of the party could either be Telangana Congress Party (TCP) or Telangana Rajiv Congress (TRC). These leaders feel that the Congress has no future in the Telangana state and that revitalising the party is almost impossible. With the High Command in Delhi in disarray, a rival seems very difficult.

So, these leaders are now planning to form a regional party and launch an anti-TRS and anti-KCR campaign. By the time of elections, they are even contemplating to join hands with the BJP, negotiate seat-sharing and defeat the TRS. They feel that joining the BJP may not actually be a good idea. Negotiating with it as equal partners will be more self-respecting.

Some leaders also want to use  this as a bargaining chip with the Congress high command. They want to tell the Congress that if they are not given the PCC chief post, they would form a separate party. Given it's weak position, the high command may be left with no option but to agree to their demands.