Will Telangana State Board for Wildlife Take Action Against KCR?

Fri Oct 07 2022 14:32:33 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Dasara is one of the biggest festivals in Telangana and on the big occasion, the Chief Minister announced the change in his party name. Many big leaders were present on the occasion and graced the event. Days after announcing the change of the TRS name, the Chief Minister ran into a big controversy and people are talking about it.

The reason behind the controversy is that it was widely reported that officials brought an Indian Roller bird called Palapitta to Pragathi Bhavan in a cage. A Big news channel in Telugu aired the visuals of officials bringing the bird, a state bird, in a cage.

The state bird falls under the endangered species and they are covered under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Having such cover has some protection that they should not be caged. Catching them is a crime. Those who commit the crime can be punished as per the law.

Now the question is will the authorities take action against KCR and his family members as they were reportedly present at Pragathi Bhavan when the state bird was caged? The viral pictures show KCR and other family members bowing to the state bird.

Many believe that seeing Palapitta on Dasara is a good thing and it will bring prosperity. But such belief almost made the bird endangered. After the state was formed, the state wildlife board arrested a few people for allegedly capturing the bird and we have to wait and see what happens with the Chief Minister now.

Ironically, Chief Minister KCR is the Chairman of the Telangana State Board for Wildlife, and the board aims of safeguarding the species that are endangered.

There are high chances for the opposition parties to make a big issue out of it and target the Chief Minister and the ruling party. The Chief Minister himself not following the Wildlife Act and seeing the bird in a cage is not a small thing. Moreover, he wants to enter national politics and this gave the Bharatiya Janata Party a big chance to counter him. The ruling party and the Chief Minister are yet to react to the row.

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