Will The New Corporators Ever Enter The GHMC Building?

Wed Dec 09 2020 09:30:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

The winning GHMC corporators are now in a fix. Though the GHMC elections were held two months ahead of schedule, the last GHMC council has not been dissolved. The mayor still continues in the office. This situation will prevail till February 20. Thus though rejected by the voters, the TRS led council will be ruling and those who got the mandate cannot call themselves corporators. At best, they can call themselves corporators-elect.

Now the biggest question is who will be the next mayor in the GHMC. With no party getting a clear majority and the TRS not ready to openly embrace the MIM, there is a stalemate. Even abstention by the MIM to help the TRS will be seen as a collusion between the two parties. The TRS is now said to be mulling over bringing the GHMC under the rule of a special officer. This way, the TRS can rule by proxy, sources say.

It may be recalled that Hyderabad was under special officer's rule for 16 years on trot and then for nine consecutive years in the past. The TRS could even keep the present GHMC under a special officer and hold the elections along with the assembly elections in 2023. If this happens, then these corporators's term will end without ever entering the GHMC council.