Will There Be A Second Wave Of Corona Attack?

Wed May 06 2020 10:33:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Even as the world, including India, are preparing for gradual and phase-wise relaxation of the Lockdown, there are fears that there might be a second wave of Corona infections across the world. The scientists warn that the second wave could be deadlier and more dangerous.

Many scientists point out to the similarities between Corona virus and the Spanish Influenza which devastated the world exactly  a hundred years ago. The Spanish influenza attack came in three phases and the second one was the deadliest and claimed most of the lives. Similarly, the Corona virus might strike back as the world is getting ready for relaxation in the  quarantine and self-isolation procedures. The scientists are advising that despite the relaxations, one should not let the guard down. German National Disease Control Centre's chief Lother Wieler too has predicted that there would be a second wave of Corona virus attack.  However, the country is well prepared to tackle the crisis, he said. The Italian experts too are warning that there could be another wave of Corona attack and asked the country to be prepared for it.

Meanwhile, the US is preparing for the worst period as more states are trying to lift the lockdown in a phased manner. As a result, the authorities expect that there would be at least 2 lakh new cases every day and up to 3000 deaths per day.