Will YSRCP repeat its 2019 performance in these 4 districts?

Fri Jul 23 2021 17:33:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Two years after the stupendous victory, what is the position of the YSRCP? It may have won the municipal and panchayat polls. But, what is the current situation especially in the districts where it did a clean sweep. There are four districts in AP, where the YSRCP had a clean sweep. The districts are Nellore, Kurnool, Kadapa and Vizianagaram. In all these districts the TDP could not win even a single seat. Districts like Vizianagaram and Kurnool were traditional TDP strongholds. Even these districts had passed into the hands of the YSRP. What is the current situation in these four districts?

While it was a surprise that the YSRCP could dent the organizational might of the TDP in these districts, it is a matter of conjecture as to how the party would fare in 2024 in these districts. In Vizianagaram district, it is an out and out Botsa show. Botsa dominates everything in the district. This has been the case while he was in the Congress. So, analysts say that a one-man show could be a make or break situation next time. It’s either swim or sink for the YSRCP.

In Nellore, the Reddy community stood rock solid behind the YSRCP. But, the same community is said to be quite disillusioned with the YsrcP. The community is upset at not being given its rightful share in the victory spoils. In Kurnool, the TDP still has a loyal vote bank. The YSRCP on its part is not using charismatic leaders like Butta Renuka and SV Mohan Reddy. They are now inactive in the YSRCP. So a repeat of 2019 could be impossible.

So, out of these four districts, only Kadapa district appears to be able to repeat the 2019 election result. In all other three districts, the party may not be in a position to repeat the 2019 success, say experts.