Will YSRCP stop believing in those surveys now?

Mon Mar 20 2023 12:34:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

That the results of the recent Graduate constituency MLC elections have shocked the ruling YSRCP is an understatement. The party is rattled by the defeat. It lost all the three graduate MLC seats. The shock is compounded by the fact that internal surveys have predicted a landslide for the YSRCP. The results were diametrically opposite.

Now, questions are being raised about the slew of surveys being conducted within the party. Many feel that there was no serious review of the survey predictions till now as the party has been on a winning spree. But, with the latest defeat, there is a rethink in the party about the efficacy of the surveys.

There is palpable anger against the YSRCP in the middle class and educated voter. It is gradually seeping to the lowest level of the society. Even the voters from the poor economic background are unhappy at the stringent conditions being imposed for the welfare schemes meant for them. Yet, survey after survey predicted a 65 per cent support for the party. NO leader has ever questioned them. But now, questions are being asked about these surveys.

Many well-wishers feel that the results of the Graduate constituency MLC are a wakeup call for the YSRCP. They feel the party should wake up at least now and set the house in order. Smug complacency could spell doom for the YSRCP, they argue. These well-wishers feel that Jagan should start touring the whole state to turn the tide in the party's favour.