Will YSRCP tob bosses pay attention to the party in Poothalapattu

Tue Jul 20 2021 17:44:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Normally, people do everything they can to retain their voter base. They will do anything to keep their voters in good humour. But in Poothalapattu assembly constituency in Chittoor district, not just the people are unhappy, even the YSRCP cadre appears to be demoralised and demotivated.

The local MLA is inaccessible to the voters of the constituency. MLA MS Babu is almost always outside his constituency.  Though Babu is from outside, he was given the ticket based on the winnability factor. In fact, in 2014, the seat was held by local leader Sunil. However in 2019, he was replaced and MS Babu was brought in despite being an outsider.

Babu, who can barely read and write, made a joke of himself as he could not pronounce the oath of office. But, the YSRCP top bosses felt that he would gradually improve. However, let alone improving, his visits to the constituency have become rarer. Even if anyone tries to contact him, the stock reply is that the village volunteers will take care of their problem. Everything else has been given over to Minister Peddireddy. In fact, he is handling everything in the constituency.

Sources say MS Babu is busy with his real estate business. He is a well known builder in the district. Locals are complaining that he is visiting the constituency only when Peddireddy visits the constituency. All this is causing demoralisation in the YSRCP cadre. They are dispirited these days. For even small things, they are forced to meet Peddireddy as the local MLA is unavailable. The only saving grace for the YSRCP is that TDP too is organisationally very weak in the constituency. Otherwise, at least some cadres would have shifted to the TDP. It's time the YSRCP leadership pays attention to the Poothalapattu assembly constituency.