Will You Too Try What They Did To Save Yourselves From Corona Virus?

Sun Feb 23 2020 10:39:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Corona Virus or Covid-19 has spread rapidly all over the world from Wuhan city in China. The food habits of the people over there has come under great scanner for this dangerous virus outbreak.

Few reports have also suggested that this could be Chinese government's biowar weapon test that went haywire. But the government has denied such theories.

The virus spreads through coming in contact with it through air or by physical touch. Hence, doctors have asked people to where masks while traveling and wash their hands with warm water before touching anything.

Also, few suggested to where glows outside and use them like doctors are sterilising them all the time. But this couple on Australian flight, decided to wrap themselves in plastic.

A co-passenger shared this photo on Twitter and wrote that the people are taking extreme measures as they are scared by this virus.

But many started asking can they breath under the plastic wrapping and as it is airborne too, what if plastic is covered with the virus?

Few other made fun of them too. Well, wrapping yourself plastic that too in airplane means you're pushing yourself into suffocation. So, will you do the same as the couple to save yourself from Covid-19? Or will you try to be more attentive and calculative?