Will there be a delay in the formation of BRS?

Fri Jun 17 2022 11:13:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Crafty KCR is keeping the cards close to his chest on the issue of forming the National party. While those close to the TRS establishment say that the party may be renamed as Bharat Rashtra Samith in its national avatar, there is no clarity from KCR. He has not spelt out his strategy at the national level so far.

A strong section in the party feels that the TRS should be continued till the 2023 assembly elections as the party's USP is regionalism. The party should transform itself into BRS only after the regional elections are over. This section feels that the party would lose its regional election plank if It changes itself as BRS.

There is a lot of confusion among the party cadre about the contours of the new party. They feel that if the party loses its regional plank, the Congress and the BJP would take advantage of it and corner it on national issues.  Hence, several party apparatchiks feel that there would be some delay before the formal announcement of the formation of the national outfit is made.

As of now, KCR is not revealing his mind.  KCR is set for another high profile Delhi tour during which he would hold a meeting of intellectuals and thinkers, where he would discuss the TRS role in the national politics. Thus, there is utter confusion among the party cadre about KCR's next moves on forming a national political group.