Will this ex-minister join YSRCP?

Fri Apr 30 2021 11:23:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

A prominent TDP leader and a former minister is all set to switch sides. This leader, known for his aggression, is said to have talked for over two hours with a YSRCP MP and offered to join the party. Though he is not of much use, the YSRCP might take him in due to the shock value.

The YSRCP feels that the former minister's joining will demoralise the YSRCP cadres further. It will create doubts in the minds of the party workers and leaders. The former minister, who made huge money by cultivating cash crops in Guntur district, has joined the TDP and soon became an MLA. In no time, he became a minister. He has deep business interests and felt that the TDP was serving his purpose very well. However, the TDP's defeat in 2019 was a shocker to him. So, to protect his business interests, he may even join the YSRCP, sources say.

As of now, he is said to be in talks with the YSRCP leaders and  may soon join the party. Sources say that for him, his business interests are more important than political career. So, expect some big news from Guntur soon.