Will this maverick leader stay with the TRS for a long time?

Tue Jul 27 2021 08:37:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

He was once a firebrand TDP leader, known for his fierce attacks on his opponents. But, over years, he has lost his magical touch as the Dalit leader. His lack of adjustment and his strong opinions have always been his biggest problems.

We are talking about Mothkupalli  Narsimhulu. Motkupalli changed parties at the drop of the hat. Whenever things did not go his way, he had changed parties. When he felt NTR was slighting him, he left the TDP and joined the Congress Party. Though he had won as a Congress MLA, he resigned from the party and joined the TDP. He became close to Chandrababu and emerged as a very important player in Nalgonda district. But even in the TDP, he had problems adjusting with the other members of the party. He began demanding that the Telangana TDP should be merged into the TRS. Despite this statement, KCR did not welcome him into the party. Left with no option, he resigned the TDP and contested as a candidate of the Dalit-Left front in 2018. Needless to say, he lost badly. In the later developments, he joined the BJP.

But, even in BJP, he could not get along. So, now he has resigned from the BJP. But the reasons he is giving are funny. He says he is opposing Eatala joining the BJP. This is funny as Eatala is from Karimnagar district and not Mothkupalli's district of Nalgonda.  The two leaders are not in competition with one another. But, will he get along in the TRS? What if he finds that the going is not good in the TRS?  Will frequent party hopping help him in any way?