With Chandrababu In Hyderabad, Who Will Lead Tdp Fight?

Sun Nov 21 2021 09:38:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

After the 'insult' he suffered in the house, Chandrababu Naidu was moved to tears. His tears made news. The clutch of media houses sympathetic to Chandrababu Naidu too has shed copious tears. But, the big question mark before the TDP is how to make this sentiment and sympathy work in the party's favour.

When TDP offices were attacked post the Pattabhi incident, there was a bandh and a deeksha. But, when Chandrababu himself was abused in the house and he himself cried publicly, the party does not seem to have any plan of action. Except for stray protests, the party apparatus looks thoroughly benumbed. The party workers did not take to the streets and there were no major protests.

The party seems to have no strategy to capitalise on sympathy. It is clear that there was no supportive programme from the party. Except for the campaign on the TV channels friendly to the TDP, there is no on-ground campaign on the issue. The party has to come up with some strategy to reach out to the people on the issue.

Unfortunately for the TDP, soon after the press meet on the issue, Chandrababu Naidu flew back to Hyderabad and has been camping in Hyderabad. With both Lokesh and Chandrababu out of the scene, the TDP in AP is rudderless. The party has not come up with any followup programme.