With fear of ending up meeting siblings, youth fears using dating apps!

Mon Feb 22 2021 20:29:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

A 24-year-old couldn't go on a date and meet people on dating apps. The reason which is stopping from dating girls is the funniest and most tragic reason as well.

Going into detail, Zave Fors, a native of the US state of Oregon has found out that his father has sold his sperm 500 times. This inculcated a sense of fear in the 24-year-old's mind that he could end up meeting his siblings.

The Youth has also tracked eight of his siblings. This has increased his fears that he might meet his relatives and might have sex with them, which is quite scary for the 24-year-old.

As the biggest nightmare for the youth, he has found out that, one of his siblings, even went to the same school Zave Fors went to. He was shocked to know that his friend was his sibling.

According to the media reports, Zave Fors got to know about his father selling his sperm 500 times after going through a website. He has sold his time 500 times over a decade time.