With one meet Jagan shows Chandrababu his place

Thu Jan 13 2022 18:32:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jagan is fast turning out to be the past master in the art of politics. In one stroke, he has weakened the big bosses of the film industry by making them totally irrelevant. At the same time, he has shown Chandrababu that Chiru is on his side.  By influencing Chiru, he is also trying to weaken a possible Pawan Kalyan-Chandrababu bonding.

It is clear that the film industry row would be solved only when Jagan wants to solve it.  By holding meetings with RGV and Chiru, Jagan is showing himself as amenable to the film industry. At the same time, he is not ready to yield any quarter to the film industry, which has been ignoring him all these years.  By inviting Chiru, he has shown that the other leaders in the industry are irrelevant.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the Jagan-Chiru meet is happening barely a couple of days after Chandrababu has claimed that Chiru was his good friend. Inter alia, Chandrababu was hinting that even Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan was close to him. Now, by having Chiru for the meet, Jagan has shown that he was closer to Chiru than Chandrababu is.

Thus in one stroke, Jagan has shown Chandrababu his place in politics. The meeting over lunch was aimed at demolishing Chandrababu's game-plan of getting closer to the Konidela camp and thus influence the Kapu voters.  Clearly, this round has gone in favour of Jagan. It remains to be seen what Chandrababu will do next.