Women Cannot Decide on Abortion Says Court Verdict!

Sat Jun 25 2022 12:54:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Whether or not to keep the pregnancy is a woman's call as she has to carry the baby until the birth. But the status quo is changed with the historic verdict given by the top court Supreme Court, which says abortion is banned. The verdict banning abortion was given the other by the court.

The shocking verdict was not given in India, but in the United States. Back in 1973, the Supreme Court gave a historic verdict that a pregnant woman can choose if she wants to go for an abortion. Nearly after half a century of years, the verdict which is famous with the name Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 has been changed.

The new verdict says that abortions will be allowed if they are performed before six weeks and later they will not be allowed. It is said that a few states have already put up boards saying that abortions after six weeks are banned. The verdict gave birth to intense protests as people who are supporting the abortions are hitting the streets to oppose the verdict given by the Supreme Court.

People in America are free-minded and casual relationships are quite common which often leads to pregnancy. The law set a limit for the time of the abortions and by the time a pregnant woman starts facing the symptoms of pregnancy the limit gets into effect and stops them from going for abortions.

The only relief for pregnant women is that they can go to Democrat-ruled states for abortions. However, the travel costs are so high that common people cannot bear the costs. To stand in solidarity with the pregnant women a few companies and tech giants came forward and said that they will take care of the travel costs and abortion expenses if they want to go for the abortions.

More than the American women, the immigrants, and women from other minority communities would be affected more as they stay away from the medical facilities and schemes given the high cost of the medical policies. A few personalities including the United States President Joe Biden slammed the new verdict.