Wrong Aadhar Number Could Lead To Rs 10000 Fine

Thu Jul 18 2019 10:07:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Starting from this September 1, quoting wrong Aadhar number could put you in great trouble. You may have to shell out Rs 10000 as penalty for quoting wrong Aadhar number. This penalty would be imposed in case of high value transactions. This rule is being imposed to ensure that the people escape tax regimes by presenting wrong Aadhar number.

This would be done after the law is amended and a notification is issued by the Central Government. The country has over  120 crore Aadhar numbers. From this budget, both AAdhar and PAN cards are interchangeable. The country has 41 crore Pan cards. Both would soon be linked. Of these 22 crore PAN cards are linked to the Aadhar cards.