YCP Doing Dead Body Politics In Worst Possible Way?

Wed Aug 03 2022 16:14:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Nandamuri Family is slowly coming to terms with the sudden demise of Kantamaneni Umamaheswari, the youngest daughter of late Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. Her daughter reportedly said that her mother might have taken the extreme step and killed herself by suicide due to her health-related issues.

When the family is digesting the sad news, the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh YSRCP started dirty politics with the issue. Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy, who is said to be the second leader in the party after YS Jagan Mohan Reddy politicized the murder and raised a few doubts.

The YSRCP stooped so low that, the Rajya Sabha member said he has a doubt about Uma Maheshwari's death and he sought an inquiry BY CBI. He even doubted if Chandrababu harassed her or did someone killed her and hanged her later and we wanted an inquiry.

Not just that, the YSRCP is widely using the hashtag #WhoKilledPinni to target the opposition Telugu Desam Party and its chief Chandrababu Naidu. This is the least we can expect from a ruling party and a Rajya Sabha member.

Many YSRCP supporters are backing this saying that the hashtag #WhoKilledPinni could be the answer from YCP on the #WhoKilledBabai hashtag. Both are different situations. Uma Masheshwari's daughter informed the media that her mother's illness could be the reason behind her suicide.

Coming to YS Viveka's case, his daughter is alleging that there could be big names behind this and she openly said the name of Kadapa MP Avinash as one of the suspects as per her understanding. The pro-YCP media tried to say that she was comprised with TDP to target the YCP that's a different story.

But in this case, we can only say that YSRCP is doing dirty politics and doing politics with a dead body that too when the family is dealing with a tough situation.

Interestingly, the YSRCP always accuses Chandrababu Naidu of doing politics with dead bodies referring to the backstabbing issue. But in reality, it does the same and it is doing it in the worst possible way.

Seeing the ruling party dragging Kantamaneni Umamaheswari into the political issue for its political gain, the Nandamuri fans and Telugu Desam Party supporters are saying for God's sake, please leave Kantamaneni Umamaheswari alone.