YCP MLA Takes Out His Anger on Vijayasai Reddy Indirectly?

Sat May 07 2022 16:45:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Legislators switching their sides to other parties will always have a tough time coping with the new party as the leaders who are in the party will see the new leader as an outsider.No matter how hard the leaders try, they will not be in the good books of the already existing leaders and cadre.

Proving this true, Vizag South MLA Ganesh Kumar Vasupalli is having some internal issues with the other leaders and the chairman of a Community Corporation. The issues became tough to a point that the MLA had openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the internal issues.

A key meeting was held with the regional coordinators of the YCP. During the meeting, the MLA had alleged that only selected leaders are being encouraged in the party, and others like him are not getting the required support.

As it is also said that things are not going well between the MLA and Rajyasabha Member Vijayasai Reddy, he had highlighted the importance of MLAs in making Jagan Chief Minister. He said that Jagan cannot become Chief Minister if the Rajya Sabha members win and only if the MLAs win Jagan would become the CM.

The political experts are seeing his comments as an indirect attack against Vijayasai Reddy, with whom he is having some issues. Through his comments, he is believed to have made a statement that he is not happy with the party. Many think that he might go back to his party TDP.