YCP MP's Video Call Gives Full Scope for Attack from Opposition!

Thu Aug 04 2022 14:42:21 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The ruling YCP is not having a good time with the leakages. Earlier, alleged audio calls involving two of the legislators of the party popped up and the issue had sent shocking waves across the political circles in the state. The Legislators claimed innocence and dubbed the calls a political conspiracy that's a different story.

Proving that the alleged leaks are not going to give the ruling party relief, another call was leaked. However, there is a twist in the new case. This time, a Member of Parliament is facing issues as his alleged video was leaked and the video call is doing rounds on social media.

Going into detail, YCP MP Gorantla Madhav, who stunned everyone by winning the MP elections from the strong fortress of Telugu Desam Party, Hindupur is facing the heat as the alleged vulgar video of him went viral. As per the video, Gorantla Madhav is semi-nude and the video has set social media on fire.

Needless to say, the video went coral on social media and a few news channels also aired stories on this. In the TV debates and discussions, the panel members lashed out at the MP for his alleged video as they asked how a member of the Parliament can do this. Moreover, he has a Police background and he served as a cop earlier before joining YCP and venturing into politics.

The opposition parties which are eagerly waiting for such an opportunity are stunned by the development and they are brutally trolling the MP for this. They are also reminding everyone that the MP has a criminal case pending against him and the case deals with sexual abuse against a woman. Gorantla Madhav mentioned the criminal case in his election affidavit.

With the video all over social media and news channels, Gorantla Madhan addressed the issue. According to the ruling party MP from the Hindupur constituency, the viral video which is being shared widely is fake. He even alleged that the video was morphed and even doubted a political conspiracy behind this. I will complain to the Cyber Crime Police, he observed.