YCP Wants Heroes To Support Rayalaseema Court Demand!

Mon Dec 05 2022 19:57:57 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Having a High Court in Kurnool is a long demand and the YSRCP which is ruling in the state is now banking on the demand. The Party is aggressively taking the demand further and holding events and programs to show its support for the demand. The event was titled Seema Gharjana and was held in Kurnool.

YCP Minister Gummanur Jayaram took part in the event and made some interesting comments. He asked the Tollywood heroes to come forward and support the demand to have judicial capital in Kurnool,

Talking about films that were made in Rayalaseema's backdrop, the Minister asked heroes who made crores of films with the films not coming forward to support the region. He even warned them to support the demand which will benefit the Kurnool region.

But his comments are receiving a negative reaction from people. To support the farmers of the Amaravati region, Pawan Kalyan stood behind them and he became the target of the ruling party. As films are the only source of income for him the YSRCP government is allegedly targeting him on this.

People are asking what the heroes have to do with the political intentions of YCP. Giving the example of Amaravati, they are asking the government why the party which wants film stars to stay out of the Amaravati issue and not support the cause wants them to stand behind them in the Kurnool issue.