YCP leaders hit back at Pawan over his comments on Govt!

Sun Sep 26 2021 13:17:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Power Star Pawan Kalyan was in Hyderabad the other day to attend the pre-release function of Sai Dharam Tej's Republic film. Addressing the crowd, Pawan Kalyan had attacked the Andhra Pradesh government over the decisions taken by the government related to the film industry like the ticket rates issue.

During his speech, Pawan Kalyan said despite paying the highest taxes, the industry is facing a lot of issues from the government, and the industry should fight for its rights rather than requesting the government.

Reacting to the claims, the YSRCP hit back at Pawan Kalyan and said they don't fear Pawan Kalyan and he is making unwanted and unnecessary comments against the government.

Vijayawada Central MLA Malladi Vishnu said there are unnecessary statements in Pawan's speech and said no one is ready to fear Pawan Kalyan and he expressed his political agony through his speech and nothing more than that.

The MLA said the actors should focus on their remuneration and not on the ticket issues as they don't have any relation to that. Is this the way to address a Minister? A lot of irregularities are taking place in the name of benefit show and the government is focused on stopping the irregularities, he said.

On the other hand, AP Minister Vellampalli Srinivas also found fault with Pawan Kalyan's comments and said there is no bigger Sannasi than Pawan Kalyan in the state. What's wrong if the government sells tickets, he asked.

The Minister said Pawan Kalyan is a person who wants to earn money by selling black tickets. He is not for anything except for playing gambling at his farmhouse. He is a zero without Chiranjeevi and he can't even act close to 25 percent of what Prakash Raj acts, he said.

Talking about Pawan's political career, Vellampalli Srinivas said, Pawan Kalyan lost on two seats he had contested in the state and said Pawan Kalyan's Janasena failed to bag a single seat in the Vijayawada Corporation. We will not entertain any comments against the Chief Minister and the Ministers. Such comments will not be entertained, he added.