YS Jagan's decision deals deathly blow to KCR's Kaleshwaram dreams

Sat Jul 17 2021 09:46:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

AP CM YS Jagan's decision to ask the Centre to take over the management and control of the major and medium irrigation projects is sending ripples across Telangana. Now with the Central Government taking over the projects on Krishna and Godavari, Kaleshwaram, the prestigious project of KCR on Godavari river is facing severe threat.

It now turns out that the project did not have permission for drawing 1 TMC from Godavari river. The latest notification issued by the Central Government's Jal Shakti Mantralay says that as many as 26 projects in Telangana, including the Kaleswaram project, do not have permission from the Central Government.  Also, the excessive importance attached to Kaleshwaram and the attempts to project it as the biggest achievement in Telangana too seems to have become counter-productive.

The engineers and irrigation experts have been suggesting that the T government mainly focus first on Dindi, Palamuru-Rangareddy and other projects on Krishna river before the jurisdiction of the Krishna water management board was finalized.

But, KCR government focused more on Kaleshwaram and ignored them. Now these projects on Krishna river are in danger, say experts.

The experts say that even the Alampur project is now in jeopardy as the Centre will now control almost everything related to irrigation in both the states. Most of the lift irrigation schemes in both the states did not have permissions.

Now, the fate of all these will be decided by the Central Governments and both the states have no power. Experts say that KCR's high handed attitude has forced Jagan's hand and he requested the Central Government to take control of the irrigation projects on both Krishna and Godavari rivers.