YS Sharmila's Chalo Pragathi Bhavan Spoiled By Cops!

Tue Nov 29 2022 16:22:19 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

YSR Telangana Party chief YS Sharmila's padayatra took a shocking turn on Monday after her caravan was set on fire. Sharmila and her followers alleged that the TRS workers and followers of Narsapur legislator Peddi Sudarshan Reddy did this. She was taken into custody after the workers of TRS and YSRTP clashed with each other.

Now Sharmila added intensity to the ongoing controversy by trying to enter CM Pragathi Bhavan, the official residence of Chief Minister KCR. She drove her car to Pragathi Bhavan from Lotus Pond. After seeing her the cops stopped her and asked her to go back.

The cops tried their best in making YS Sharmila understand the situation and come out of the car, but in vain. With no other option left the cops towed her car with Sharmila present inside the car. The car was towed to the SR Nagar Police Station.

The pictures and videos of YS Sharmila being towed by the cops are all over social media. Sharmila expressed her anger over this and asked if this is how a woman is treated in the state when she tries to question the government.

YS Sharmila created a ruckus by making a failed attempt to enter Pragathi Bhavan. She was stopped at Rajbhavan Road and was towed to the SR Nagar police station. The nearby areas saw a huge traffic jam with this.

Sharmila's allegations against MLA Peddi Sudarshan Reddy created a sensation in the region after the TRS workers and followers of the MLA hit back at her and effigies were burnt. Her party took to social media to share the video of her caravan being attacked by a few people.