YS Sharmila Gets Good Media Coverage Over Bandi Sanjay!

Tue Nov 29 2022 17:26:16 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

After a lot of twists and turns, the fifth phase of the Sangrama Yatra conducted by Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar was started the other day. Going by the orders issued by the Telangana High Court he started the yatra on Monday evening. He was in the news due to his arrest.

He started his yatra with a massive Public Meeting in Mudhole. But his yatra was not in the news with everyone talking about YS Sharmila's news. It is known that her caravan was reportedly attacked and damaged by a few people on Monday.

Since the incident, YS Sharmila has been in the news and Bandi Sanjay's padayatra was sidelined. Sharmila's failed attempt to Chalo Pragathi Bhavan in her car and the Police towing her car with her inside, people are only talking about her and none is even focusing on Bandi Sanjay's yatra.

Starting with YS Sharmila's caravan getting attacked and a clash followed to her arrest, the second one in two days she has been in the news, and the media is closely giving coverage to her completely. Bandi Sanjay Kumar failed to draw attention from people as Sharmila sidelined her completely.

Though Bandi Sanjay is a serving MP and heads the party in the state, YS Sharmila's stature as she comes from the YS family might have played a role in the media preferring her over Bandi Sanjay Kumar in the news coverage.

Both Bandi Sanjay Kumar and YS Sharmila were arrested in their respective instances. But a few sections were reportedly slapped against Sharmila. This might also have played a role in Sharmila getting good coverage over Bandi Sanjay Kumar.

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