YSRCP MLA's phone call on freebies of YS Jagan goes viral

Mon Sep 13 2021 15:12:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Jagan's instant gratification schemes and freebees are coming home to roost. The ministers and MLAs are now finding that the state exchequer is empty and that there is no money for infrastructure building and developmental works. Even small roads cannot be repaired in the state as there is no money.

An interesting conversation that ensued between a YSRCP MLA and a citizen on the bad condition of roads has now gone viral. The voice is purportedly of Elamanchili MLA Kanna Babu Raju aka UV Ramanamurthy Raju. While talking to a citizen who bitterly complained about the condition of the roads, he said that there was no money with the government as every paisa is being spent on giving freebies to woo the voters. When the citizen asked him to do something by spending from his pocket, the MLA retorted: ' I am not a son of a God to have unlimited resources.'

This is being seen as a stinging admonition of the freebees that the government is giving to the people, due to which the coffers are empty and there is literally no money to take up developmental activities. That the MLA is from the ruling party is significant. The MLA told the citizen that there is no hope of repairing the roads in near future as the state government has no money at all.

The YS Jagan Government is spending to the last penny to ensure that welfare pensions and other lollypops reach the voters. However, this has affected the state's financial position very badly. The situation has come to such a pass that the government is finding it very difficut to pay the salaries to its employees and pensions to its retirees on time. Every month, the government is trying to mop up revenues from some source or the other to run its show. The MLA's comment is being seen as a stinging admonition of the 'rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul' policy.